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We approach health problems from the perspective of physical activity and sport, in an attempt to find the solution using simpler and the least invasive methods possible, as well as prevention to avoid relapses and sequelae.

As a multidisciplinary centre specialising in sports medicine, our aim is to offer the sportsperson, both amateur and professional, the guidelines, diagnosis and treatments required to practice their physical activity or sport, always to benefit their health and to help prevent injuries or diagnose and treat them.

Strengthening, protecting and enhancing your biological state

Strengthening the biological state means:  

  • Protecting and enhancing our immune capacity.
  • Protecting the oxidation state of our cells and tissues.
  • Controlling the tendency towards cellular inflammation.

Helping to improve your lifestyle

Diet is one of the essential pillars for maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another important pillar is exercise and physical activity, either practicing a sport or going to the gym, doing stretches or any sports modality involving movement and/or coordination. Our age and physical characteristics must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable one. At Check Vitae, our professionals will guide you in making the right choice.

Knowing and controlling your body composition

To know body composition, we focus on several points:

  • The BMI or body mass index, which is a calculation between weight and height.
  • The distribution of body water in its compartments: intracellular, extracellular and total body water.
  • The distribution of our body’s adipose tissue: total fat mass and fat-free mass.

Reaching your sports goals

Biological state, lifestyle, weight control through good nutrition and a good training plan. Fundamental bases for you to achieve your sports objectives.
And, in the event of injury, we advise and treat you in the most optimal way so that you recover in record time by applying the most advanced techniques at our facilities.


Located at the Barcelona Polo Club, they offer a functional and, at the same time, pleasant and natural environment without the need to leave the city. It has different areas integrated into a circular space, where all the units have medical offices adapted to each specific speciality. There you will find the best instruments and technology: evaluation and medical check-up room, podology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc.

One of our specialities is using physical activity in a controlled environment for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal diseases. For this we have a treatment swimming pool. The hydrodynamic properties of water facilitate movement, since the reduction of body weight inside it enables activities to be performed that are impossible in other environments. Our patients manage to reduce pain and rigidity and improve mobility and progress in global strengthening.



Avenida Diagonal, 661-671
Real Club de Polo de Barcelona- Royal Fitness
(Access via the Hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I)
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